TRI Replica AN/PRC-152 IPX7 Water-Resistance Radio 





(Green Color)


TRI Replica AN/PRC-152 RADIO  

When you order from you will receive TRI’s 3 year worldwide warranty covering normal use. This is exclusive to (and our eBay store).

 This Replica AN/PRC-152 radio offers IPX7 waterproofing, meaning that it is impervious to water even when submerged completely in up to a meter of water.

Other websites offering the TRI AN/PRC 152 for less money are selling a lower grade not designed for export model which does not feature IPX7 construction and does not include the warrenty.

Features include:

Standard rechargeable and removable large-capacity lithium-ion battery

Equipped with original OEM antenna

Dual display allowing you to monitor two frequencies

UHF and VHF reception and transmission

Fully functioning keypad

High quality LCD dot matrix replica of the original Harris Falcon 3

Stainless Steel military standard 6 pin connectivity

Full compatibility with European Standard PMR 446 frequencies and North American GMRS and FRS radios, allowing you to use your TRI replica PRC 152 with other people who are using traditional licence free radios.

Included with the radio is:

Removable large-capacity lithium-ion battery

Flexible high strength rubber antenna

AC Charger

User Manual

Also included when you order exclusively from (or our eBay store)

Free COMTAC microphone (for compatibility and use with third party COMTAC headsets)

Free MOLLE radio pouch, designed to hold the PRC152 radio.

Frequencies and bandwidths -

FM radio: 87-108MHz (receiver only)

VHF: 136-174.995MHz (receiver / transmitter)

UHF0: 350-390.995MHz (receiver only)

UHF1: 400-470.995MHz (receiver / transmitter)

UHF2: 480-520.995MHz (receiver only)


2: work mode: frequency, channel mode

3: digital tune FM radio

4: dual frequency display

5: select U/U, V/V, U/V, V/U-segment method work

6: any point in-band dual-band watch

7:DTMF dual tone multi-frequency signaling system

8: remote, on-site, distress signal fired coordinates

9: Group call, group call, select call

10: faint inspect, monitor, remote, remote shoot features

11:50 set of standard CTCSS,105 set DCS

12: non-standard analog yayin (60HZ to any edit)

13: launching receiving MUTE MUTE and set separately

14: low high transmitting power, two, press the ALARM key to any switch transmitter power during the launch size

15: the launch timeouts

Step 16:5 document frequency (5K,6.25K,10K,12.5K,25K)

17: many kinds of province electricity pattern

18:VOX voice launch

19: optional channel bandwidth (bandwidth/narrow)

20: channel busy ban

21: low sound and light tips

22: auto-backlight

23: auto/manual keyboard locked

24: launch the backlight adjustable tri-color

25 receive the backlight adjustable tri-color

26: standby backlight adjustable tri-color

27: three-channel display (frequency, channel number, channel name)

28:ANI status code (inbound displays)

29: call ring

30:DTMF side tone switch (auto-coding, automatic + keyboard, keyboard codes code)

31: three scan modes (time, carrier, search)

Function 32:PTT-ID (optional PTT code, release the PTT key is pressed, press release available code)

33: a variety of mute (MUTE, MUTE, and optional signalling, MUTE plus optional signalling)

34: frequency direction mode frequency can be selected

35: frequency frequency frequency modes between the 0~69.9875MHZ optional

36: menu item keyboard number optional feature

37: frequency, channel, menu quick search function

38: channel parameters you can edit in frequency mode storage

39:128 a stored channel

40: frequency (transceiver frequency inversion)

Send and receive access span 41:U/V span relay function

42: Wired copy

43: computer programming

  TRI Replica AN/PRC-152 IPX7 Water-Resistance Radio 




(Tan Color)

(Tan Color)

Price:USD 320

Price:USD 320

TRI Replica AN/PRC-152 Radio(Green color)+TVAS Antenna Special Set!!

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TRI Replica AN/PRC-152 Radio(Tan Color)+TVAS Antenna Special Set!!

Only 10 set For July Promotion!!!!!


Special Price: